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Join our GO Luxury Short Term Rental Program

In this program we manage and rent luxury properties (Condo’s, Villas or Houses) for periods ranging from 1 week to 1 month, thus maximizing the owner’s returns.

Given our excellent sales approach, our high-end client base and our average occupancy rate of over 75%, we can obtain a yearly return for each property that doubles the income of a long term rental. This profit will cover the maintenance fees & property taxes, leaving an extra return on top.

In summary, at GO Vacation Rentals, we take care of everything so that the owner can obtain a high return on the property whilst enjoying it whenever he needs, for his family and friends. There are no limitations on the use of the property when working with us.

Our program includes all the steps necessary to produce returns and maintain the properties as follows:

  • Marketing: GO Vacation Rentals has a complete and profound marketing program that will be applied to your property. This program consists on an active online and offline marketing initiative that reaches out to more than 5,000 agents and 5 million potential customers as well as our database of existing high end clients developed over four years.
  • Sales and Reservations: GO Vacation Rentals has an excellent Sales approach based on years of experience prime buildings all over Miami. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and professionalism in dealing with inquiries, reservations and bookings
  • GO Vacation Rentals Concierge Service, Maintenance and Cleaning: We have a team of dedicated Concierges that make sure the stay of our clients and owners is perfect from the moment they plan their trip. We also have a whole team of cleaning and technical staff available to solve any problem that might arise in the properties so as to maintain them clean and in perfect state.
  • Monthly reporting: We prepare monthly reports for the owners with all the activity information and any additional custom made information each owner might require.

Our team guarantees a peace of mind for the owners.

  • We handle everything from reservation to check out, specially in the preparation of the properties for the arrival of the guests and owners.
  • We will perform a detailed inventory check list and verification post check out. This is to ensure that the property is in the exact same conditions.
  • Further, if the owners request it, we can store their personal belongings or valuables during each rental.
  • Finally, we comply with all the requests and specific needs that each owner might have so that you feel 100% comfortable

We have detailed analysis of all the property types. Please contact us for any further questions.

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